Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Girls, One Pup

Don't let the ill title fool you, this post is rated G as in Girrl, you did this all by yourself?!

A few days ago, I offered to help my friend Annel assemble a cargo-load of Ikea bedroom furniture for her new digs. I've experienced countless hours of abstruse illustrated instructions in my life, not to mention imma pro working with their "z" shaped allen key, so what better time than now to expose the 'Rosie the Riveter' in us both.

Exhibit A: Hopen bed

It was smooth sailing assembling the base until half way through the booklet, we realized we needed an adjustable wrench...which we didn't have. So the buck stopped here:

Fast forward, with wrench in hand, and we were hoppen'.

The only other hardship endured, was the fact that I could barely get my gangly self in a comfortable working position.

This doodad had three times as many puzzel pieces to put together. We never planned to imitate Paula's Abdul's 1990 billboard hit, "Opposites Attract", because we were literally going two steps forward and two steps back for an hour on the piece pictured below. 


The remaining 14 steps were a one-way street and did not involve any disassembling of parts.

And now for the pup.


As far as I know, the furniture is still intact. ^_^