Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seating For Mew

Now that the cornucopias and turkey hands are safely packed away for another year, the "xmas" marked boxes can officially come out to play! Oh my goooodness. I have been dying to decorate for Christmas since the afternoon of November 11th. That was the day I came home from work and found a pair of sporty seats chillin' in our living room.

Perhaps I should have mentioned the fact that these are car seats. CAR SEATS! Chris replaced his S2K stock seats with a duo of red leather bombshells, leaving these two bad larry's stationed inside.

Uncle Kitty welcomed the newcomers.

As delightful as they were to look at on a daily basis (sarcasm), come black friday, the seats left the room. So instead of suffering barbaric-black-friday-checkout-lines, I was a mexican jumping bean, decorating away whilst covered in glittery goodness and head bopping to the tunes of Sufjan Stevens.

Yes. Much better. 

Stay tuned...more decorating goodies to come!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bread Crumb Enema

Call me a weirdo, but every Thanksgiving holiday, I secretly pray for an over-cooked birdie. It's no secret to my family that I L.O.V.E dry turkey meat. So no matter what comes out of that oven, the cook knows there will be at least one happy carnivore sitting at the dinner table. It's a win-win in my book. :)

And now I leave you with a witty Thanksgiving poem Chris wrote several years ago for a work newsletter.

The “Turkey Day” is drawing near and I’m ever so depressed.
I fear that on that fateful day, I’ll be on your plate and dressed
With gravy, mashed potatoes and aunt jenny’s famous salad.
My roasted body on your plate confirms my fears as valid.

Last year the axe claimed Cousin Lenny, the year before t’was Larry.
His children left without a home, since Butterball took Sherry.
Now Brother Paul swears his numbers up, to your hunger he’ll succumb,
And face that awful enema, of onions and bread crumb.

Perhaps this year, might I suggest a different sort of meal?
Something that can graze a field, or something that can squeal.
Now look, I mean to be polite; and not ruffle any feathers
Please throw tradition out the door…heck, skip meat altogether.

Our claim to fame is sandwich meat and it’s terrible, completely.
Please hear my cries to spare my life before you choose to eat me.
I wrote this poem, and though you think it sounds a little quirky.
This year give thanks with “Ball Park” Franks… and make sure they’re beef, not turkey.

Love my silly man.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For The Love of Liz Lemon

This is something I can definitely sink my teeth into...literally!

[via craftzine]

I make a mean Liz Lemon impression. Chris on the other hand, makes a mean Joey Potter impression. Two peas in a mean-crooked-smile pod.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoe Party

I'm happy to say that our home is a relatively "clutter free zone". But! One current trend seems to be copious amounts of shoe pairs cluttered up in our living room. 

Um, I think it's time to give those Vans the boot!

Chris started this and I, for some reason, have followed suit. 

What kind of clusters do you (or your partner in crime) subconsciously create in your home?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Not So Sexy Hooter

Mrs. M.I.A. here. 

Crossing my fingers hoping I can keep up the Humble Ablog posts on a more regular basis, before it turns into 'no man's land'. Looks like my pocket-camera and I need to be joined at the hip once again. Having said that, I did manage to summon the old pal late last night, for a few pics, after Chris and I were completely cleaned out of candy by the plethora of trick-o-treaters gallivanting the neighborhood.

I'd like to say thanks to this tutorial, for the instructions on a DIY owl costume. Soooo it's suppose to be a kids costume...however I did the adult thing and stitched the "fabric feathers" in lieu of using glue as recommended. I also managed to prick myself more than a few times. Totally worth it.