Thursday, August 19, 2010

Neglected Nacho

Whenever I eat nachos, there is always that one funky looking tortilla chip I ignore and push around the woozy cheese mountain until it's the only one left on my plate...and even then, I won't eat it. Well that's exactly what I feel best describes our master bedroom in terms of design. Meet our neglected nacho.

eh. Nothing to write home about.

Chris and I spent the majority of our "tool time" hustling and bustling the main living quarters, but when it came to our chamber, we were completely out of design fuel.

Our bedroom isn't very big to begin with and I doubt I could ever fit a regular dresser in there. Thus, it leaves me no choice but to work with what Mr. Lusk built;  jam every article of clothing in the closet and improvise with the limited space we have.

Instead of hiding my everyday jewelry in a box, they are hung at eye level on a criss cross shaped wall shelf. Ten times out of ten, I pick a fun piece to wear off the shelf. 

And since every inch of floor space in the closet is stuffed to the gills, my homeless shoes are neatly stacked on wine racks.

But nine times out of ten, I have an OWL of a good time.


Friday, August 13, 2010

No Boys Allowed

Like many early generation Y'ers, I spent most of my 7 year old days idolizing Punky Brewster...not only for her jazzy style or sunshine hair bands, but for her super-fly tree house. Alas, my backyard tree house days consisted of the living room and a queen size bed sheet draped between one end of a couch and a leather recliner.

But enough of my jibber-jabber, take a look at this itty bitty lodge.

I'd say that's a mighty fine example of a graduated tree house. 

Show of hands, who in blogland grew up with their very own tree house? Was it everything you (and I) thought it would be? 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lackety Lack, Dont Talk Back

[Not sure if this constitutes as an Ikea hacker project- considering it didn't involve the use of any power tools, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it does.]

As I was gearing up for the baby soirée, I realized my seating to tabletop ratio was lopsided to the point where I would find empty water bottles buried in between the couch cushions. Ok...not really, but it was getting close to that point.

Now and then we would use our 5 year old Ikea lack side tables as a temporary fix during movie nights, etc. but the ubiquitous cubed table stuck out like that guy who just got fired from Jet Blue at an employee of the month convention. To no one's surprise, paint called out to me as the perfect...and easy solution.

After a few minutes of online research, it was loud and clear that the secret to painting the lack series was to use primer. No sweat. This was going to be an easy breezy cover girl...until I noticed that the leftover can of primer stored in our garage was probably as old as the table. So, what the hay; I skipped the first, and most important, step and began to paint my primer sorrows away. Worst case scenario, I'd be out of a ten dollar table that I would have eventually tossed to the curb anyway.

Fast forward 2-3 coats of paint and approx 3 days of drying and there you are!

The painted tables alone were just alll riiight...that is until I went a bit further.

A little too predictable for our sake, but that's just how we roll nowadays. 

Gotta use up that box of  floppy disk somehow.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Floral Arrangements

As we all swoon over the latest issue of Lonny, I can't help but to blame the online magazine for germinating granny-loving floral condition.
Case in point...

I'm gushing over the paver design below despite the fact that I would like to go all Super Mario Bros on it and blast some flower power. 

Sorry Chris...but I've been stung by the flowery design bee. :)

psst. don't think I wasn't going to mention page 167! one day Oscar's day. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It Takes A Village...

Honest to blog, seems like 2010 was the year to get knocked up. I personally didn't get that memo (sigh of relief); but many friends of mine did, including one of my best friends. I happily offered, well...more like insisted, to host an all girls baby shower at my humble abode...and this past weekend was her pink-free zone shindig.

I've always wanted to buy those cute Martha Stewart pom poms, but apparently Martha favors expensive tissue and whatnot, therefore I DIY'd my way through Martha's voluminous poms and saved myself a few bucks. The first couple of pom poms I made exhibited signs of the bad-first-pancake theory. Luckily this video rescued me with my puffy problems.

Bouquets of DIY pom pom flowers and wheat-grass filled flower-pots were sprinkled throughout the table.

Most of the mouth watering desserts came from one of the BEST bakeries the City of Angels has to offer; The Village Bakery and Cafe.

Ok, so I may be a tad bit biased here, seeing that the owners of the joint are family (literally related to my in-laws), but no lie, their food is to die for!  

One of these days I'll expand my horizons and sample more offerings from their menu. Offerings such as the Thanksgiving on a Bun sandwich. But for now I just can't part ways with their breakfast special. Bacon wins every time.

[Atwater Special]

And even though the party is over, there's no shame in keeping the festivities alive in our home all week long.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'll Drink To That!

I must have been wearing luckypants last week because my bacon loving heart won The Brick Cottage's Mad Men-esque cocktail glass giveaway!

Before Chris and I unwrapped the goods over the weekend, Karrie included a lovely handmade note inside. Isn't she just too cute for words?!

Our new drinking buddy nests on our new vintage coffee table and made it home just in time for Mad Men night.

Thanks again, Karrie!