Friday, August 13, 2010

No Boys Allowed

Like many early generation Y'ers, I spent most of my 7 year old days idolizing Punky Brewster...not only for her jazzy style or sunshine hair bands, but for her super-fly tree house. Alas, my backyard tree house days consisted of the living room and a queen size bed sheet draped between one end of a couch and a leather recliner.

But enough of my jibber-jabber, take a look at this itty bitty lodge.

I'd say that's a mighty fine example of a graduated tree house. 

Show of hands, who in blogland grew up with their very own tree house? Was it everything you (and I) thought it would be? 


  1. I didnt have my own. I wanted one. There was a treehouse at my grandmas that us grandkids would go in. BUT the adults put an end to that right away. Something about rotting wood and posinious bugs... I think they were just trying to ruin our fun

  2. I've never had a tree-house or even been in one, for that matter. But, I have always loved them and wished I could have one. Now that we have a house with lots of awesome trees, I really want to build one some day. I wish it could look like this one! It's very Tim Burton-y.

  3. Oh dear, I DID have a tree-house! My dad built it out of lumber and stuff that he found at the Ship Yard Dump... like old cargo nets from air-craft carriers, ropes as thick as my legs, etc. We lived in the forest, so we had several platforms with rope bridges, suspension bridges, log bridges, and cargo nets in-between.

    It KILLS me, kills me (!) that my kids don't have the same!

  4. I never had one. It would have been really cool though.