Thursday, August 19, 2010

Neglected Nacho

Whenever I eat nachos, there is always that one funky looking tortilla chip I ignore and push around the woozy cheese mountain until it's the only one left on my plate...and even then, I won't eat it. Well that's exactly what I feel best describes our master bedroom in terms of design. Meet our neglected nacho.

eh. Nothing to write home about.

Chris and I spent the majority of our "tool time" hustling and bustling the main living quarters, but when it came to our chamber, we were completely out of design fuel.

Our bedroom isn't very big to begin with and I doubt I could ever fit a regular dresser in there. Thus, it leaves me no choice but to work with what Mr. Lusk built;  jam every article of clothing in the closet and improvise with the limited space we have.

Instead of hiding my everyday jewelry in a box, they are hung at eye level on a criss cross shaped wall shelf. Ten times out of ten, I pick a fun piece to wear off the shelf. 

And since every inch of floor space in the closet is stuffed to the gills, my homeless shoes are neatly stacked on wine racks.

But nine times out of ten, I have an OWL of a good time.



  1. Brilliant ideas for the jewelry and shoe storage. And I'm loooving this spiffy blog redesign! :)

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  3. I really like your jewelry storage. And I think you could do a lot with that space! Simple bedrooms without lots of furniture seem so nice and cozy.

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  5. You are cute! I love how you call it your 'chamber'

  6. OH my! How long have I been gone? The blog got a facelift. Fabulous, darling!

    SO true about the nacho. It's always usually discolored or oddly shaped, and though I am always assured that it's perfectly fine, I just don't trust it.

    Are you going to get that gorgeous bedding you showed off a few posts ago? What exactly should we be expecting soon? Please tell me you're keeping the owl!!