Thursday, August 5, 2010

It Takes A Village...

Honest to blog, seems like 2010 was the year to get knocked up. I personally didn't get that memo (sigh of relief); but many friends of mine did, including one of my best friends. I happily offered, well...more like insisted, to host an all girls baby shower at my humble abode...and this past weekend was her pink-free zone shindig.

I've always wanted to buy those cute Martha Stewart pom poms, but apparently Martha favors expensive tissue and whatnot, therefore I DIY'd my way through Martha's voluminous poms and saved myself a few bucks. The first couple of pom poms I made exhibited signs of the bad-first-pancake theory. Luckily this video rescued me with my puffy problems.

Bouquets of DIY pom pom flowers and wheat-grass filled flower-pots were sprinkled throughout the table.

Most of the mouth watering desserts came from one of the BEST bakeries the City of Angels has to offer; The Village Bakery and Cafe.

Ok, so I may be a tad bit biased here, seeing that the owners of the joint are family (literally related to my in-laws), but no lie, their food is to die for!  

One of these days I'll expand my horizons and sample more offerings from their menu. Offerings such as the Thanksgiving on a Bun sandwich. But for now I just can't part ways with their breakfast special. Bacon wins every time.

[Atwater Special]

And even though the party is over, there's no shame in keeping the festivities alive in our home all week long.


  1. super gorgeous! my mouth is watering.

  2. So nice! And the poms poms are a great touch! I've never seen those DIYed before - they look great :)

  3. That was so sweet of you to host the party :) looks so pretty and food looks yum

  4. ha! You had me--I thought you were making an announcement! I really love the look of the grass in those planters. I stopped by to share a link of the dresser/chest you were wondering about--you can see them in this post ( guess you can say we haven't defined our style yet and have a little bit of everything in our cottage (mainly if it's cheap, we go for it and cross our fingers that we can make it work). :)

  5. Bacon: 100 Everything else: 0. So there with you!

    I have totally been wanting to make those same pom poms! Once again, our online friendship blossoms. You did an amazing job and your house is just looking spectacular! And seriously, everyone is knocked up these days. How did that happen?

  6. This looks like it was such an adorable party!! I love the poms!