Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Cat, a Joe and 90210

Our blog-baby is born! What better way to celebrate this journey than with a cup of joe to my left, a fat cat to my right, the sound of an old episode of 90210 blaring on the tube in the background... and, of course, with the house all to myself. (Saturdays are my ‘husband-free’ day. He works, I don’t) ^_^

Let me give you a brief background, or disclaimer if you will, about us.

We have no design background whatsoever. I am an office manager for a non-profit agency and my husband, Chris, is a library assistant at a local Cal State University. We are both fans of mid-century modern design. Frankly, I love Mexican folk art; gotta stay true to my cultural roots. Chris is a bit more rebellious when it comes to design, he is not afraid to turn a simple traditional kitchen into a loud Kawasaki green rice rocket thrill ride. Together we find a perfect balance…after several rounds of deliberation, of course. >_<

Overall, we are here to share and document all of our hard work transforming what was once a sad and lonely living quarters, into our lovely nest.

-google sketchup of our house made by Chris-



  1. I love it. The trial-end-of-the-hallway experiment. It looks cool. Now where oh where will the piano fit? I know there is always room for a baby grand. Maybe the bedroom. I've heard people do thing on them in a horizontal position. I don't know what that could be. Maybe you can enlighten me. OR ACTUALLY MAYBE NOT! Just to let you know I have it here for when you three are ready for it. Love the blag! Give Thomasina my love, tammy jo

  2. What a fun blog! And it will never end because updating a home is an eternal project. I too love mid-century modern mixed with ethnic art though I'm not too crazy about 90210 reruns. Chris's second cousin Ross's wife Barbara.

  3. Great blog, I can relate to having the house to myself and hubby working. Unfort. I'm in the category of part timer, very, but I'm trying to make it work better with a better income and lifestyle for all of us. I have a cat too, so she motivates me to higher things (!) Keep on trying I say.

  4. Hi Tammy!! Oh, there is always room for a baby grand piano! There's the formal living room, the family room, "oscars" room...many, many possibilities. We're golden. ^_^

    Thomasina says "hola!" (she's bilingual now, you know)

  5. I love the "Wall of Sound". You should do a spot on "Chit Chat". You know, that cool cable show on Time Warner. I will pitch it to the producers. I know them pretty well. I will have my people call your people and set it up.
    Keep up the great work.
    Your Wedding Planner - C-Bo