Friday, July 30, 2010

Say Whaaaaaaat!?

I've been a HUGE fan of Retrograde LA for some time now and I just can't help but to salivate onto my keyboard every time I peruse their site. I'm telling you, it's love at first click. Their pre-owned furniture selection is the best of the litter...and without the big-ticket price tags. 

Oh, what's that you say? Show me the goods? Well, get ready for a Friday love affair.
An almost identical Eames Lounge Chair for a fraction of the price. I'm talking shelling out only 13/50ths of the original price. Hit. Run. Score.

I'm glued to the little barneby below. It'd be perfect in our family room especially since we have yet to fill-in every corner of the room.
[microphone? check. Two turn tables? unchecked.]

What's better than a 3 piece suit? A trio table set, of course!
Sadly, furniture shopping is not on this weekend's agenda...but, throwing a baby shower is! A full recap next week. Promise.


  1. Love.

    That Eames chair!
    So iconic.

  2. @Stunning...: We are this [] close to making the trip down to the LBC and checking out the bad boy in the flesh. If all goes well, we're taking him home with us!

  3. You got to turn on youremail so i can respond baxk to your comments :) instead i shall come and do it here

    aw sad days about country music. I dont really listen to it all that much. I love it for dancing though. Line dancing is so much fricking fun... So hope you have a good weekend and a great baby shower. Then I am excited because i get to see you again!!!mWe must plamn a girls night and a couples night

  4. OMFG. Can Johnson and I tag along for this LBC adventure? I'm drooling over some of these beauties!!

  5. @Rosemary: For sure! Or, we could leave the boys at home and we can do a full day of furniture hunting!