Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seating For Mew

Now that the cornucopias and turkey hands are safely packed away for another year, the "xmas" marked boxes can officially come out to play! Oh my goooodness. I have been dying to decorate for Christmas since the afternoon of November 11th. That was the day I came home from work and found a pair of sporty seats chillin' in our living room.

Perhaps I should have mentioned the fact that these are car seats. CAR SEATS! Chris replaced his S2K stock seats with a duo of red leather bombshells, leaving these two bad larry's stationed inside.

Uncle Kitty welcomed the newcomers.

As delightful as they were to look at on a daily basis (sarcasm), come black friday, the seats left the room. So instead of suffering barbaric-black-friday-checkout-lines, I was a mexican jumping bean, decorating away whilst covered in glittery goodness and head bopping to the tunes of Sufjan Stevens.

Yes. Much better. 

Stay tuned...more decorating goodies to come!


  1. Much better! lol. I felt bad for you at first because I know the pain of coming home to wonderful man surprises. Your tree is so beautiful!

  2. haha! Was Uncle Kitty sad to see them go? Your tree is gorgeous!

  3. At first I thought those were seats for playing video games in! Haha... shows how much I know.

    Your tree is looking very pretty!

  4. @Amanda: He actually did use the car seat for gaming one weekend! I know I have a pic of it somewhere...

  5. In fairness...it was a car racing videogame. I was just enhancing my experience.

  6. HA! I thought the seats were for gaming too--I should recognize S2K seats, shouldn't I? ;) I looove Uncle Kitty's expression in that pic.