Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shoe Party

I'm happy to say that our home is a relatively "clutter free zone". But! One current trend seems to be copious amounts of shoe pairs cluttered up in our living room. 

Um, I think it's time to give those Vans the boot!

Chris started this and I, for some reason, have followed suit. 

What kind of clusters do you (or your partner in crime) subconsciously create in your home?


  1. Oh look, it's a perfect 3 on 3 party. I think the real question is...if these shoe pairs were dating, what would the shoe couple be.

    I think whatever "French Nike" and "orange sandal" have going is purely physical.

    "white converse" and "dirty Vans" are engaged in a forbidden love. Kind of a Romeo and Juliet type thing.

    That just leaves "pink new balance" and "running shoe Adidas". She's a little out of his league. He knows it, but he ain't gonna let it bother him too much. Plus...she's not really looking for anything serious.

  2. ^^Wow. Thats all I can say to chris' shoe relationship analysis.

    Oh god what doesntr get cluttered at mine and kev's place. I am just going to say that if and when we move I am going to make sure to stop being so cluttered. We do the shoe thing. Kevin also takes his clothes off wherever. We have trash everywhere. Its really a disgrace :(

  3. I think its safe to say that Chris has waaaay to much time on his hands while at work. ;) But, he never ceases to amaze me!

    Hehe, I remember James would leave a trail of work clothes on the floor every time he came home from work. It was rather amusing.

  4. My husband definitely leaves piles of shoes everywhere! And we both get lazy about leaving clothes on the bed or in the bathroom.

  5. LOL @ Chris' relationship analysis. My Chris and I have tons of books lying around the house. Oh, and cat toys.

  6. Oh let's, paper (magazines and mail), dog toys, socks (our dog finds them and leaves them scattered around the house) and of course clothes. Looks like I'm going to be cleaning my house today after admitting all of this. :)