Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are You There Blog? It's me, Dolores

Well, well, well. Look who came out of the woodwork.

I can't believe it's been over a year since my last post. A YEAR+! Egads! Totally unacceptable, right? Right.

I know what you're thinking..."where the hell have you been?" The truth of the matter is, there was oodles of internal work done to the house. Work that we would have been totally out of our element trying to do.  We paid the professionals to get the job done and although the work was superb, I didn't feel it was blog worthy. I figured, since it wasn't Chris and I doing the hustle and bustle, I would just let those deets slide until we began our next DIY project. But as luck would have it, we ended up exhausting our home improvement monies sooner than we thought. The joys of homeownership! It comes with the territory and I'm okay with that.  

To make a long story short, we (as in the professionals) upgraded our electrical system, had recessed lighting installed throughout the entire house, removed all the popcorn on the ceilings and re-textured them. In order to save a little money, we decided to paint the ceilings ourselves. Boy do we wish we could take that back! It.was.insane. My forearms hated me for an entire week. If I could ever take-back a DIY, painting 1700+ sq feet of ceiling space would be it, hands down. 

Soon after that we ran into some plumbing problems and before I knew it, we were faced with re-piping our entire house. Wah. Wah. Lucky for us, our neighbor two houses down is a commercial plumber, so we were in good hands. Since we were advised it was the perfect time to replace our water heater (you know start with a clean slate), we threw in the towel and went with a tankless water heater. Installing a tankless water heater was already on our long term list for obvious reasons, but the number 1 reason was the fact that our current water heater was in our kitchen tucked away into what 'would be' our pantry. Er, weird, right? See what I mean? We just had to do it. 

So there you have it. The short long version of our absence. We still have a few announcements to share (and no, I'm not pregnant) so stay tuned for some exciting stuff!

On another note, since this post became a pictureless post, I'll leave you with this;

I turned the big 3-0 this past summer. 

As I like to say, 30 is the new 21. 


  1. humble ablog!

    i discovered your blog about a year ago, i believe, right before your hiatus. as an architect, i enjoyed reading about your diy projects and other design related posts. very excited to see you posting again.

    sorry to hear about all the problems associated with your guys' house. although as an apartment dweller, i'm sort of envious, hopefully one day i'll have to replace my own water heater...(i already know i'll regret typing that)

    can't wait for more posts, as your projects are so entertaining.

  2. 30 is the new 21! Ok, I'm turning 33 this year, but whatever. I hear you on the ceiling paint. It's easy, but definitely hard on your bod. I also think paying them to do it would have been a great investment!