Monday, February 13, 2012

Block Party

You've seen us play with LEGOs, so why not play with blocks? While it was tempting to recreate another iconic furniture piece, I decided to go towards more of a pocket size project. My inspiration came from Esty shop Olula whose geometric necklace made my mouth water.


And before I knew it, I was channeling the awesome Jenni of I Spy DIY and promptly hunted down my crimp pliers. Isn't she the best? (Um, yes!)  Ok, so now I was a girl on a mission. I veered towards the vat of wood scraps in the garage and dusted off a few lumber links and got to work. I mean, why not? Chris wasn't gonna use them all anyway. So, a table saw, drill press and one tenth of a sheet of sandpaper later, I was in the midst of a block party.

I found the biggest roll of gold string you have ever laid your DIY eyes on in my mom's garage several months back (I find the weirdest things there), and used the goldilocks ball to string in my blocks. I sandwiched crimp-beads to keep them cubies fixed as well as on each end of the toggle clasp to secure my novice knots.

As my first attempt, I replicated the geometric flags using my trusty 3M blue painter's tape. Within minutes, I had sharp clean flags all around.  Round two, I decided to add a fun twist and used letter stickers as a stencil. Slap on some leftover paint, remove the stickerinos and BOOM, a fun size interjection for your clavicles.


Not only was this DIY practically free of cost (high five!) but I now have a few fun accessories to wear in my everyday necklace rotation.

DIY Rating: Pretty neat.

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