Monday, March 8, 2010

Something Borrowed, Something Glued

This past weekend Chris and I had a long Sunday date with this little guy...

A (borrowed) compound miter saw (thank you Corin and Brent!). We worked on installing baseboards in Operation Oscar's Room and you know what? It wasn't so bad. I do, however, have one word of advice; invest in knee pads! I swear I felt as though my knees and quads were flame broiled by the end of the night. (I think the medical term is "El Pollo Loco Legs")

Coincidentally we paired the date with catching up on the latest season of Dexter (oh mylanta, the finale was a total jaw dropper!) Perhaps that wasn't such a good idea considering how paranoid I was every time the saw was in gear. I unplugged the brawny tool every few seconds when we weren't slicing and you can imagine how ornery Chris was about it.

Three hours later we wraped up the baseboards and dispatched onto our mounds of legos.

And here is what's left.

The glue we used to interlock the bricks for life did a number on my body and lets just say I woke up looking like Quasidmodo this morning. Allergic to pvc pipe glue...check!

Legos are done and pending its starshots shoot.

Speaking of starshots, I have a shoe box full of the Barbara-Walters-soft-filter wallet size pics never to be seen again. 


  1. Thats so exciting that you got your lego project done! I cant wait to see pictures.

    Now we must figure out a day to come see the beautiful work and to watch PR. Let me know what works for you guys.


  2. As if Oscar's room wasn't impressive enough. I'm so excited to see your skilled baseboard work. And the leggos? Craziness. Cannot wait to see the big reveal!!

    LOVE me some Dexter! That finale was mind blowing. I was depressed for hours afterward.

  3. Aimee: Friday or Saturday works for us!

    Meg: The new baseboards are nothing to write home about; simplicity was our goal. I'm still recovering over the Dexter finale!

  4. Very cool, I'm glad your baseboards went smooth! Now where are the pictures! lol

  5. Mrs. Chic: I read your DIY baseboard post again before we started slicing and dicing. (thanks again...your experience put me at ease!) Pictures are coming soon. :)