Wednesday, March 31, 2010

File This

How awesome are these little office trapper keepers?

Probably not suitable for the workplace, but for my home office desk, they are perfect!

Speaking of the awesome 80's velcro binder, I was sporting a hello kitty edition paired up with xuxa jelly shoes. Bodacious. 


  1. YES! Love this!! Can I get a set for my office that says 'who cares?' That ought to win me some positive attention! ;)

    And an even bigger YES to the jelly shoes! I was obsessed with them when I was younger but I can't remember if I ever got any. Where did you find your pair? I kind of want to go get some now!

  2. OMG, trapper keepers!! love those folders; that stationary company puts out the best office products! i have their to do list mouse pad. Such fun!

  3. Those folders are hilarious! I have to have them!