Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Amber Alert

What are the chances I would find the exact pair of vintage* amber glass bowls, like the set I inherited, at my local thrift store?!

My pair were originally owned by Chris' grandparents...although I'm not sure how long they had them for, I fell in l-o-v-e love with the twosome instantly! 

And while I was trotting along the isles of the local thrift store last night, I perused the dishware section (hoping to score some vintage pyrex bowls) and hiding behind towers of appetizer plates, I found the darling honeybees.

Best $2.99 I've spent thus far...except for Mcdonald's chocolate dipped ice cream cone which Chris claims is the best $1.10 deal of the summer.

What were your thrifty finds of the summer?

*I'm not sure if the serving bowls are really vintage per se but any additional history or info on the item are welcomed! :)


  1. Chris also eats his own feces..oh he doesn't. =)

  2. Great find, I've been on the lookout too for vintage Pyrex bowls! Love getting a McDonald's sundae for nearly nothing :)