Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Face Furniture

I'm a sucker for a good hearty (clean-neck) beard on a man. Nothing against a spotless face, but there is something about a follicle face party that makes me weak in the knees.

For the past few years now, Chris has been quite the beardie (and a good one for that matter). I'd say 80% of the time he is fashioning a face warmer...which is why I could not wait to give him an early birthday gift.*

[The history of beards? Oh yes, yes; a million times yes!!]

Despite the fact that Chris hates to read anything, save for car magazines, I figured the book would make a swell nighttime reader for us. Dog-ear pages never looked so hott.

*It was between the book or a carstache. Tough decision but I think I made the right one. 


  1. Ha! That is awesome. I'm sure it will be quite enlightening, not to mention make for a good conversation starter when company is over! I need to come up with something creative like that for my hubby's upcoming birthday...

    P.S. I must say I've never heard of a Carstache before. But after looking at it, I think you made the right decision too. :)

  2. I chuckle every time I visit your blog and this book is just fabulous. My husband Lee manicures his facial hair according to the seasons: clean shaven in the summer and a beard in the winter. It's kind of like a face sweater.

    We also have an unofficial ceremony. Every time he shaves his beard, he pauses between looks. We take a picture of mutton chops, goatee, and then mustache. He is spectacularly creepy for all of those...and I think you've just given me an idea. Maybe I'll make him a calendar of his different looks for Christmas!

  3. @Meg: Hehe. We have the same ceremony too! He even tries the hitler/c.chaplin mustache...only b/c his child idol Micheal Jordon was sporting one in that new Hanes commercial.

    And the calendar idea is genius! I hope you go through with it...and while you're at it, make a few extra copies for your in-laws. ;)

  4. What a cool book! Must get one for my bearded Chris too!