Friday, November 20, 2009


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas isn't too far behind (seriously, where did 2009 go??). KOST officially kicked off their 24/7 holiday tunes today and my office is in winter glee! (apologies to my co-workers).

Last year Chris and I had a very Charlie Brown Christmas; funds were looooow and our holiday gift list was as little as one of Santa's helpers. We also had a much heated debate over the Christmas tree...real vs fake. I won with a real potted Christmas tree...which I allegedly killed soon after. This year I bit the bullet...we're going plastic.  A few weeks ago we inherited a 3yr-old 7ft (fake) tree equipped with built-in lights which will probably last us a good decade or so. At least I have decorations to curb my pine appetite, right?  I have a blank tree canvas to adorn. Perhaps I'll snag a couple of these CB2 dangles to embellish the fakeness out of the tree.

Not sure which decorative avenue to take. Monochromatic theme? A miss match collage of shine and sparkle? Whatever it is, I just hope this little guy makes the cut. 


  1. Super cute ornament ideas! Will Uncle Kitty bother the tree? We're worried we'll come home to half eaten tinsel! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, those ornaments are all adorable - especially the animals!