Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wealthy Wednesday: Jane Bi-Sectional

Wealthy Wednesday is back. ^_^

Now that our square pattern wall is pretty much done (pictures up soon) and the carpet is on its way, it's time to couch shop! 

Pictured below is the Gus Modern Jane Bi-Sectional. We've been eying a wannabe-look-alike sectional at a local mom & pop store for months now; it's only half the price of good ole' Gus.

Now that's a yummy button-tuck piece. This exquisite sectional's price varies from $2,900-$3,250.

Below is a snapshot of our soon to be fake Jane.

Besides the cheaper price, another great thing about our wannabe is the hundreds of fabric swatches (some currently resting on the button tuck's back in the picture) to choose from! Although I would love a white couch in the family room, I must factor in the extensive use and abuse it will have for many years to come.

To bad we can't go with something futuristic, like this plate-backed sofa, complete with two bubble yum inspired pillows, by Nipa Doshi.



  1. I love that couch! It looks so comfortable yet stylish. That's great you found it for such a good price.

  2. Awesome find! What store did you buy this from?

  3. We love our Jane bisectional - found it on sale last summer. Great blog BTW.

  4. I love this sofa! I realize that you brought it a while ago but, could you tell me what store you purchased this from?

  5. What store did you purchase it at? I want one too, but the Gus one doesn't come in the color I want.