Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Modern Warfare

What do you do when your house heater is as old as Larry King and turning it on seems akin to a game of Russian Roulette? I kid you not, even Uncle Kitty is a bit nippy in here. Until that glorious day when we dive deep into our pockets for a new centralized heating apparatus, I'm bonded to a fleece blanket throughout the entire winter (and no, it's not a snuggie). 

Besides daydreaming of safe heat, I cannot wait until our Family Room is ready for use. This past weekend we purchased our wannabe Jane Bi-Sectional sofa in, dare I say, off-white. This means it will be a no food, no drink zone.  Knowing me, I'm sure I'd somehow stone skip tomato sauce on it from the kitchen; I'll betcha five dollars.

We still have a few other minor details to take care of, for example, replacing the ceiling fan.

Have you seen anything so repulsive to the naked eye? 

The door that leads to the backyard is also an eye soar BUT perhaps salvageable.

In a perfect world with money trees blooming by the minute, I'd replace the incumbent with a pair of french doors or better yet, tear it all down for a Nanawall.

Ok, ok, so the door screams 1970's...but something about the detailing screams 'I could be awesome.'

A pop of color could do the trick. I can see it wearing a fuchsia or caramelized orange. Am I crazy??  Chris thinks so and wants to replace it ASAP. I on the other hand think it's crazy to play Call of Duty until 4am but, whose to judge?


  1. Yep, I have 3 awful ceiling fans in my home. Maybe we can get through this together ;).
    Also, I'd love to see you rock that old door!

  2. That door could totally be awesome. Go for it!

  3. Go ahead...give it a "face lift" with a bright coat of paint. It might be the swan that everyone thought was just an ugly duckling!! If it doesn't work out you can always replace it.

  4. Love your blog! I definitely think that there is potential with that door. It could be a fun challenge and way cheaper than replacing it!

  5. I think paint could help here and this is definitely not precious woodwork worth preserving. Maybe a cooler color might work too, like a red with blue undertones or a navy or grey.

  6. Okay, DO NOT listen to Chris. Paint that puppy a crazy color. It will be great! I promise!!