Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And The Oscar Goes To...

Remember that gigantic and hideous "hi-I-sell-drugs" security doorknob I posted a couple of weeks ago?

Well my friends, I feel it's time to tell you about the tall tale of Oscar's room. Oscar is not a roommate nor is he a pet of any kind. He is not a family member who mooches from us either. Oscar is the name of our spare bedroom. And yes, he is real.

We met Oscar over a year and half ago when we closed escrow on our home. Oscar was renting a bedroom from the previous homeowner and he was a tad late getting all of his belongings out of our bedroom. We had the opportunity to chat with him a bit (mostly to find out what the previous homeowner was like since we never met the gal nor did we ever receive the "keys" to our [then] new home). Oscar was a bit of a character. He looked like a Mexican version of Donald Faison, you know, that guy from Scrubs? But with more of a 'Stand and Deliver' persona. All and all a nice guy.

Oscar was kind enough to leave his manly doorknob lock with us. He divulged the secret code, ahem, 420 and even left behind some 'panama red' in the garage...under a home depot bucket. Perhaps it was a housewarming gift? Nah, the chow chow they left behind was our "housewarming gift."

On our Twenty-Ten Project/Goal list, I pledged to makeover Oscar's room and bury his name for life. This past weekend, we broke the ice.

I do have a confession (but more like a warning), and please tell me I'm not alone! Oscar's room is what I like to call my Monica Closet. It's my version of my chaotic space. I'm a fairly neat person all around, but when I come across a future DIY project I tell myself I'm going to get around to it later and promptly stick it in Oscar's room. I stick everything in Oscar's room, including our college degrees signed by the Terminator himself...they are inside my hello kitty sewing machine box. Sigh. I'm a closeted disorder-er, you could probably find me in the DSM IV.

As you can see, most of the items in the room are empty boxes. But before we rummaged around, Chris declared several arguments will ensue throughout the process. He was correct.

I'm relieved to reveal the not so embarrassing aftermath snapshot.

Let the decorating fun begin!

And please tell me there are others out there with their own version of the Monica Closet.


  1. The Monica Closet... haha! The Oscar room was definitely very Monica-esque. I'm sure it's a relief to finally have it cleaned up!

    We have a couple closets that are approaching Monica status... I tend to throw stuff in there that doesn't have a place anywhere else, yet I don't want to part with. It can get crowded pretty quickly!

  2. Funny! It makes my heart beat out of my chest and my eyes well up when I'm faced with my own disasterous messes. Great job with the clean up!

  3. my mom used to use my room as her monica closet...until i put a lock on it! now she uses my shower to store her crap :(

  4. Can't wait to see what you do with Oscar! Office? Guest bedroom?

  5. Hey... So I started my blog finally. You should check it out:)http://thanksforthatinfo.blogspot.com

    Anyway. Good job on getting that room cleaned. I always wondered why it was called Oscar's room...

  6. LOL, I love how you point out the trash and empty boxes in Oscar's room! Can't wait to see what you two do with this space. :)

  7. Micah: I haven't decided whether to make it an office (which I probably wouldn't use much) or a guest room (which means I'll have to buy another bed) Oh decisions, decisions! ;)

    Aimee: Yay, blog buddies!!

    Rosemary: I had to point out the boxes...even though they do display a hoarders characteristics. FYI, that same night Chris made me watch an episode of Hoarders on A&E. How rude!

  8. Hi D-Lo and chris. it is great to see what you have done with your house it looks sooo good. I hope to see you guys soon and i love the blog.

  9. We just spent the weekend cleaning out our basement, which was totally embarrassing and ridiculously messy. I'm hoping to get some pictures up on the blog later this week. It was a MESS. Can't wait to see what you do with the room!!