Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog Love 2

Earlier this week some of my favorite bloggers granted our lil blog with the following humbling award.

A million thanks to Little House on the Corner, Thrifty Little Blog, Russet Street Reno and just added House Notes! The quartet of lady bloggers are creative, spunky and wads of fun. And without a doubt, they are on almost everyones blogroll.

Now as the story goes, listed below are ten things you may or may not have known about us.
  1. I'm Mexican...and I grew up in East Los Angeles and somehow managed to come out with my eyebrows intact and sans the accent.
  2. Chris and I began dating soon after we met in Biology 101 class on the beautiful campus of Cal State Fullerton almost 10 years ago. 
  3. I didn't announce our engagement (to anyone!) until a full week after the proposal (I wanted to enjoy this blissful time without the zillion questions a bride-to-be is engulfed with as soon as there is a tangible diamond ring on her finger).
  4. Chris is currently taking a woodworking class. (!!!)
  5. He also surprisingly baked a Chococat cake for my birthday one year.
  6. Chicken on the bone scares me. I can't deal with any meat on any bone. Boneless all the way, baby!
  7. Our college graduation party was held in a bowling alley. 
  8. People have often mistaken Chris and I as brother and sister. 
  9. Ten months into our engagement we secretly tied the knot. No I wasn't with child though the rumors flared up like a hemorrhoid. A month and a half later we had the best post wedding reception at Park Ave with all our friends and family.
  10. And we designed our own marriage announcements.
We are just a couple of odd balls...who pose with cupcakes. ^_^

I would like to tag the fabulous award to the following bloggers who inspire me with their salivating decor, home design and daily finds.  I urge everyone to check them out during your relaxing three-day long weekend! 


  1. #3 - that was a very smart idea!
    #5 - that is an awesome cake :)

    you two make a cute couple!

  2. #1 contained a reference to one of my favorite UPN classics to watch as a kid. You slay me. :) And, OMG, people have mistaken me and Johnson as bro and sis as well! Once when we were checking into a hotel together! Ew.

  3. It was great to learn more about you!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my coffee table. I appreciate it!

  4. That chococat cake is awesome....

    Thanks for the shout out! and congrats to YOU on the award!

  5. I don't see the brother/sister. I guess people are just looking at your heights. :) Your reception was awesome I will agree wholeheartedly there. It was perfect for both of you.

    :( I wish I had a 3 day weekend... But I still enjoyed my regular length weekend. Have fun on your Monday off-you lucky duck.


  6. Do you ever get tired of being so talented? Thanks for sharing all of these fun facts about yourself.

    Oh and by the way, your blog is one of my absolute favorites too! Very much so!!

  7. Cracking up laughing at the meat on the bones thing!

    Congrats on all your awards....but seriously, I'm SO not surprised. Good blogs are easy to recognize!