Thursday, February 25, 2010

Color Me Badd

I kid you not, we have been slaving over the transit map paint drawing in Operation Oscar's Room every single night. The math is incredibly exhausting. Taping is just as bad. Why do we put ourselves through this? Oh, this is why.

We love color.

You should've seen the faces of the two jabrones working the paint center at Home Depot when I handed them our selected paint swatches. They probably thought I was color blind. I don't care; these colors are awe-some. It didn't occur to me until way later that our trio of paints are akin to the CMKY color model. Great minds think alike...anyone? **tap tap tap**

Now the universe has toyed with my daily web browsing and flooded my google reader with heaps of items of the same colors.

Below is a little teaser.

I have a Joey Lawrence "whoa!" moment every time I enter the room.


  1. Muwahahaha! Johnson and I are laughing our booties off at "jabrone." I haven't heard that word in ages. You are so darn witty! :)

  2. I love these colors!! They just scream out look at me i am awesome... I cant wait to see the finished product even though I do think you two are extremely crazy for the projects you take on:)

  3. lol, I don't think Chris had heard that word in ages either; he was getting a kick out of it while proof reading my stuff. But seriously, they were the epitome of a jabroni!

  4. Those colors are amazing. I can't wait to see the end result!!

  5. Shut your mouth. That preview just gave me a heart murmur. I'm like you. Lee's always wondering what the hell is wrong with me for picking pain in the ass projects, but it's so worth it. You'll be over the trauma in days and your room will be insane! You really did a perfect job picking out the right paint colors.

  6. Ok, that teaser picture alone is looking awesome already!!

    I wouldn't have made the CMYK connection - very interesting!

  7. Ooohhh... can't wait to see your completed project. Love those colors!