Monday, February 15, 2010

Operation Oscar's Room: Primetime

For the first time in ten years, I was able to participate in the 3-day holiday weekend. I usually work all recognized holidays, save for the biggies, and every holiday eve Chris proclaims, "domestic violence doesn't take a break for (insert holiday's name)" which turns my frown upside down.

While I would have loved to have lazed around and do nothing but watch the winter Olympics, Chris and I were two handymen in action all. weekend. long.

We went full throttle in Oscar's room.

First order of action; remove the chair rail molding. Isn't chair rail molding traditional used in dinning rooms? I cannot fathom why someone decided to nail up chair rail molding on one wall! I guess they were going for one dramatic wall? Talk about drama. 

Two crowbars, a hammer and a utility knife in the works...

...while desperately praying that the molding does not bring along the drywall with her (molding is beauty therefore she's a lady).

We breathed a sigh of relief as the molding came off with only minimal scarring. Chris felt that the chair rail removal went so well... he decided to pull up all of the baseboards. I guess somebody got a little crowbar happy.

The walls in Oscar's room felt rather wallpaper-textury underneath the paint. We figured we'd sand-down a few spots on the wall to see what new affliction lay in wait.

And while Chris buffed-down the walls, he dodged himself a trip to the swedish kingdom, Ikea.  My little sister, Pita, joined me in the Ikea quest. (cue the sister love)

(Hi Pita!) (Don't pay attention to my freakishly long arms)

After the noteworthy trip I came home to this:

Wallpaper verdict? Negative (hallelujah!) but the bubble gum pink paint underneath is totally Elle Woods inspired.

Ended the weekend with a little spackle and a whole lot of primer.

George Washington would be proud.

Anyone else have a productive 3-day weekend?? 


  1. Wow, quite a project that room has become. But thats good you were quite productive. Kev and I are in the process of remodeling our master bedroom and bath. Just decorating no cool handy work tho... One day when we own our own place.

    I am thinking we will have a painting party sooner than later...


  2. I was definitely not as productive as you two! The room is going to look great. You are so lucky you didn't have to remove wallpaper. Worst. task. ever.

    p.s.- I totally wish I had your freakishly long arms!

  3. Not that productive! How weird for only one wall of molding!

  4. You definitely got a lot of action this weekend! I mean...what?

    I'm very impressed with your hard work, am dying to know what you got Ikea, am noticing that good genes run in your famiy, and am LOVING that green dress.

  5. Nice progress! You and your sis are so cute :)

    We also got several house projects started this past weekend! None of them are completed yet, but I'm pretty excited to reveal them all (hopefully) soon.

    I wish we would have had yesterday off of work too - we could've gotten a lot more done!

  6. To tell you the truth, we are rarely this productive. But once we get that itch, it lasts for days! :)

    @Meg...well, it was valentine's day weekend ;)

  7. I hope you and the sis each had a cone while trekking around Ikea! Or a 50 cent hot dog? No visit to the big blue box is complete without consuming some inexpensive "Swedish" food! ;)

  8. I wish we had a relaxing weekend too - We finally finished our floors, laying pretty new faux wood floors, I in love. And I started working on putting our rooms back together

  9. Looking good. Okay.....prying....who is OSCAR? Is there something you need to announce guys? (: