Friday, December 18, 2009

DIO: Cut and Print!

Someone went a little overboard at Aaron Brothers yesterday. 

We ordered a few more Jesse LeDouex art prints a couple of weeks ago and instead of letting them sit above our hallway closets (for over a year) these lovelies need to be matted and framed stat! 

We had two options.

Option one: Order custom framing and matting. Turns out to frame and mat five prints would cost several hundred dollars...and when I say several, I'm talking upper hundreds, possibly reaching or surpassing the quadruple digit mark!

Option two: DIY!! (technically DIO..."Do it Ourselves")

DIO shopping cart included, a couple of basic frames, a Logan mat cutter and a couple of large mat boards. Add a pencil, box cutter and a L-square ruler and we're ready to cook, I mean, cut!

Naturally, we made a few rookie mistakes. We learned to slide the bevel with a non-stop continuous motion which will help in preventing flyaways.

Forcefully push the bevel blade for a clean incision. Finally, make sure to ever so slightly (and I mean microscopically) pass the blade over the perpendicular make sure the inside is fully detached.

Double matting was a quick fix when we over estimated our math and cut the mat too big for the print. 

We've got a few more mats to cut for the remaining prints and...perhaps a re-do on the double mated guy pictured above. We don't particularly like the "cream on white" color combo...and we're not sure there is a true white, white mat board. Perhaps a color could do the trick.

We'll be cutting away this weekend and possibly squeezing in some Christmas shopping if the crowds don't scare us off.

Happy Friday!

Side note: Our living room couches are not photogenic whatsoever! They don't look that bad in person. I promise. 


  1. Ugh, custom framing is so expensive! You guys did a nice job. And I actually really like your couches (and your pillows!) I think it's just the type of fabric that doesn't photograph well. :)

    Good luck with your Christmas shopping!

  2. Thanks Amanda. We were so disappointment with our first mat frame that we literally packed up the mat cutter and ruled to return it back to the store. I'm glad we didn't go through it; I think it's a pretty good investment in the long run.

    Yes, it's the fabric that isn't too keen with the camera. ^_^

  3. Looks great!! I've been wondering if diy matting is hard -