Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Surreal Life

Reason # 754 why my in-laws are awesome!

Their Christmas card* included Flavor Flav. Thats right, my in-laws and Flavor Flav are BFF's...ok, not really, but how awesome is that?! 

Backstory: My in-laws ran into the clock-on-a-rope rapper/reality star in a Vegas casino this past summer. They asked him if he minded taking an impromptu picture with them, but he was a tad resistant and in a hurry. My father-in-law, and his quick mad thinking skills, explained to Flav they'd like to use the picture for their holiday greeting card. Flav's demeanor instantly changed and he was wide-eyed with excitement. How they were able to keep this hush hush from everyone in the family is beyond me! I was calling everyone and their mother when I ran into Justin Guarini in Vegas YEARS ago (emphasis on the word "years" there) when he and his Sideshow Bob hair were the ish.  

Happy Holidays, boyee!!

*Special thanks to Teri for allowing me to post and share!


    That is pretty freakin' awesome!

    And Justin Guarini... I die! Hilarious!

  2. omg, I was as giddy as can be! I kept staring at his flawless skin; I swear homeboy was born with a photoshop gene or something. I spent the rest of that Vegas trip on the lookout for Kelly Clarkson!

  3. This is so fantastic! Don't your in laws also have a (gasp!) Huell Howser story?!

  4. lol, they tell their best friends Huell Howser story which I need to follow up on! Thanks for reminding me.

  5. This is why I love your in-laws. Just awesome!

  6. just discovered your blog.. and this is amazing!!! hahaha!! your inlaws seem like really fun people!