Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mile of Tile

Day 1 of my week long (paid) vacation has already been productive; we took a 'lil field trip to the tile strip in Anaheim. As tearing up both of our bathrooms (at the same time, oy vey!) becomes imminent, it only made sense that we start checking out the specs and prices.

Of course I took my nifty pocket cam and snapped away! I never thought that window shopping for tile could be so invigorating! 

Totally digging this duller glass tile.

As expected the conversation from bathroom tiles transitioned to kitchen backsplash talk. Digging the skinny bones jones sheets of tile; horizontally speaking.

I'm keen to the idea of meshing both dull and shiny glass finishings. 

Who would have thought that glittery red tiles could be so chic?

Caramelized orange tiles were on my color palette, but unfortunately only these little 'halls cough drops' guys caught my eye.

Mini marshmallow tile sheets anyone?

During our 3 hour tour, we may have decided on our bathroom floor tile. We are suckers for textured designs. 

I fell deeply in love with some floating vanities! It would be perfect in our master bath since it's basically the size of a small walk-in-closet. We didn't bother to find out just yet...but the price probably isn't too 'right'.

I love the play with the mirror offset by the vanity. And the cute daisy patten didn't hurt either.

That's the end of today's photo shoot. I must say, seeing the hundreds of colors, shapes and sizes was not only a helpful guide, but it really served to reign in our focus. I see many trips to the "mile of tile" on the horizon in twenty-ten!


  1. We're in the market for a kitchen backsplash, and oh how I long for a place like this!

    We do have a tile outlet down the street, and I'm beyond excited to check it out as soon as we have some cash in our pocket.

    Good luck on the tile hunt!

  2. Have fun choosing your tiles and good luck with the bathroom renovations! I want to redo the tile in our bathroom too, so I'll be on the lookout for what you end up doing :)

  3. It's so much fun to shop for tile! We have a huge store nearby, and we just walk through and dream. Most of the stuff is out of our budget, but it's still fun to window shop. :)

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