Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Full Nelson

It's official, we've moved into the Family Room.  

Now that the television has promptly found its new homebase, we've been resting our behinds on our lovely new sectional daily (pretty much glued to it this past weekend). As predicted, cat hair sticks to the fabric and illuminates like a neon sign. So far conditioning Uncle Kitty to take her kitty naps elsewhere has been relatively progressive.

And so our quest for a coffee table has commenced. Ideally an authentic Herman Miller Platform Nelson Bench would be sublime but as you know Herman Miller furniture has quite the price tag.

::google sketchup::

Room and Board is just ending their 15% off all Herman Miller furniture sale. Chris and I toyed with the idea but I just couldn't make the leap, even with the discounted price.

Oh, it's such a beauty.

We could go for an "inspired" Nelson bench such as this little number below. I've been eying it for a few weeks now anticipating a price drop over at Retrograde LA.

So it's missing the finger joints and the 'plant pot' legs...is it still worth it? I guess it really doesn't matter since I just noticed the SOLD label next to it as I was linking the url site to the humble ablog.

BUT, I was shell shocked when I saw this on Sears' website. Really? Sears? My "go-to for-large-appliances" Sears? If the picture is as true as their actual product, I'm surprised Herman Miller hasn't sued their copy-cat designing butts.

Any Herman Miller owner's out there? Should we splurge or save? 


  1. I don't know anything about Herman Miller, but I really like that bench! I think I'd go for the Sears version.

  2. Well...anything Herman Miller is a total investment piece and will hold its value forEVER. That being said, WOWZERS on the Sears knock off; it looks great.

  3. Good value and quality for sure! The Pollak library is full of Herman Miller furniture (they are at least 50yrs old) and they still look great. Chris mention he'd like to "borrow" a Nelson bench from the library... I'd like to see how he'd fit that into his Z. ^_^

  4. Ahhh! The Pollak Library!!!! I KNEW that bench looked familiar, but I just couldn't place it. I think it would be a very nice addition to your family room.

    BTW, I loooooooove your sofa!

  5. Thanks Jennifer!! You and Dan should stop by whenever you're up near the OC/LA area. I'm still trying to convince Chris to a San Diego trip. He is so stubborn!!

    I heard you guys are (DIY) installing baseboard molding in your house. How's that going??

  6. I know! We should plan to meet up on our way to/from Bakersfield next week!
    The baseboards WERE going great... we bought 6inch boards, then got them home to cut and our mitre saw only makes 5.75inch cuts! Of course, right?
    Everything else is on its way, though. I've spent more time and energy (and money) painting (and re-painting) than anything. Just keep telling myself that it will be finished one day! :)