Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rear vs Rear

As we patiently wait for our new sofa to arrive, it has given me time to ponder our next big project. On our 'costly-renovations-we-have-to-do' list, remodeling the bathrooms precedes cultivating the backyard; but now that the family room will be thee place of leisure and entertainment, the backyard has moved up the list as it is in plain sight. Sooner or later someone will shimmy their way to the exterior door and open pandora's box... yes, it's that bad.

Not sure if I've mentioned Chris' backyard solution yet, but it begins with C and ends with T...cement...he wants to cover it all with CEMENT!! I think that classifies as house abuse, don't you? Chris hates anything to do with landscaping. Yours truly maintains the watering and weeding whilst Chris mows the little active greenery that we do have. So... we've compromised and settled on the best of both (our) worlds. Frankly, I'm keen to this idea! Here is a google sketch-up of our vision.

The current patio cover is in decent shape but could use a few pressure washer sessions.

Laying pavement tiles doesn't look too hard to do, right? He even threw in a couple of planters to appease me. We could also lay larger pavers leaving several inches of space between the tiles and allowing grass to border each slab. Either way, rototilling the entire space is going to be a PAIN.

Until we reach a final decision on our next project/blog series, I will (hopefully) crack open the third book in the Twilight series (thanks to Rosemary at Booking It Bus Style for lending me her collection... I promise to give them back soon!) and make sure that Uncle Kitty doesn't brawl it out with Peanut.  Oh and adding the finishing touches to our family room. ^_^


  1. You know, laying pavers is not that hard - but laying BIG concrete tiles could be trickier. The foundation is the most important thing. I will be sure to publish my 'how to' soon!

    ps - your living room is SICK! Am I allowed to say that, or do I have to be a young skater or something? haha

  2. Have you seen New Moon yet? If so, we MUST discuss! :)

  3. Thanks Sara!! I just saw your "how to" and thought it was GNARLY. ;)

    Rosemary: Yes! I saw New Moon last week!!

  4. I like the idea- keeping up with pavers would be much easier than an entire grassy area. Hopefully, it isn't too much work!

  5. I like the idea too! And can I just say that eyeing your sofa selection was like looking at furniture porn? I absolutely love it!

  6. your paver plan looks great! easier, I think than tricky, crack-prone cement. good luck with all your renovation plans, I look forward to seeing how the rest of this all turns out!

  7. LOL, furniture porn indeed Meg!

    Trish, thanks for stopping by. I just hope we get started with this project sooner than later... we have a tendency to procrastinate. ^_^