Monday, December 28, 2009

Shut The Door and Have A Seat

Two oh oh nine was a whirlwind of a year. Feels like only yesterday I was daydreaming about all the yummy Thanksgiving fixings and the extra gym hours needed to recuperate. Now here I am hunting down 50% off sales on after-Christmas decor and guessing as to how people will refer to the next year ..."two thousand and ten...or...twenty-ten"? Nerd alert indeed.

Ok, ok, back to the home decor affair. Remember the sneak pic peek from last week's post? Well my blogging friends, I am super excited to share our wonderful early Christmas gift.

Bona fide Herman Miller Charles and Ray Eames molded plywood chairs. (!!!) The mid-century modernist in us jumped out with excitement and we were all smiles for days. Chris and I literally could not stop looking at its intriguing design, stroking the smooth wood with our cold hands, or placing Uncle Kitty on them only to watch her slide down to the signature 'bendy tailbone'. 

These two beauties were gifts from my father-in-law's cousins. They simply had no room for the Eames chairs in their home and since they knew Chris and I were mid-century modern furniture enthusiasts, it was a perfect match! We are so grateful for their generosity and we would like to thank them again, 'Thank You, Ross & Barbara! From the bottom of our hearts.'

After receiving these two bad larrys, I was crossing my fingers (and all my limbs), hoping that my Christmas gift to Chris would be a "mini-me" of the aforementioned Eames chairs. I had ordered two miniature designer chairs on and unfortunately ordering the mini chairs is a crapshoot unless you order the entire series. 

No dice but it was worth it.

Today I stumbled upon another embodiment of the tiny little chairs.

I will take the one of the far left, please.

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow, talk about generous! I can't wait to see what you do with them :).

  2. Love, love, love!! And the miniatures are SO adorable!

  3. I forgot to mention how comfy the chairs are too! I'm just glad these chairs pretty much nixed the whole 'tabar' idea.

  4. How awesome is that?! Congrats on your new chairs!

  5. EAMES......oh my. If you tire of those beauties there's a girl here in Texas that would make sweet love to them every day....I'm just sayin'...