Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog Love

Oh my blog!!  A big thank you goes out to Kendall of Finesse Your Nest for featuring Humble Ablog as part of her weekly Wednesday series "Welcome to Newbie" where she introduces new and interesting bloggers to her peeps.

We were honored when Kendall contacted us and delivered the big news. She did an awesome job depicting the history of Humble Ablog and I just wanted to tell her thank you for all of her kind words. I encourage everyone to check out Finesse Your Nest. You will find an incredible gal who shares endless love for decorating and design and takes you into her beachy coastal retreat; her lovely home. 

Hop over to Finesse Your Nest and read our featured post
. Don't forget to leave some comment love.

Thanks again Kendall! 


  1. Yes ma'am. My adoration for you and Kendall made this post like Doublement gum - double the pleasure and double the fun. Congratulations! I'm excited for future posts.

  2. Meg you make me smile!

    Dolores and Chris -- It was absolutely a TREAT for me to feature your blog this week. Ya know, it's easy when I have such talented folks to talk about!

    Thanks so much for the props!

    Looking forward to the Lego project...what could it be? what could it be? Okay, are you feeling the pressure? (:

    Talk to you guys soon!


  3. So cool! Congrats! I just know more big things are in store for your humble ablog! :)

    P.S. Can you tell I love exclamation points!?!?!

  4. Coming over from Kendall's place...what an awesome post she did on you two...great blog you have here:)