Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not Your GrandDad's Library

Half way into January, and I have yet to (physically) tackle ANY of my projected goals for the year. I have semi-truck loads of ideas running around in my head, from paint colors to fabric and furniture placements...all in my head...not even in google sketchup! Wait a minute! I kind of fibbed there. We did receive our hundreds of Lego pieces for our scandalous Lego Project but the inner 7yr old in us came out and we've been playing (when we should be working) with them.

Aside from our Lego Project, I will be confronting "Oscar's" room. Let me share a snapshot of his doorknob.

You can only imagine what's inside. Seriously, what kind of person needs a doorknob like that?! Guess what the code is? Ready......420....dude.

I will elaborate more in future posts. 

Since today's post is a snooze, I will leave you with this video, written and produced (even the music)... and staring Mr. Humble Ablog...aka Chris. He and the media crew at his employer (a library) are developing a series of goofy videos to be shown throughout the campus. This is their pilot of sorts. Enjoy.

[In my best Ricky Gervais impersonation] Are you having a laugh?


  1. Shut up! The code is 420? Bahaha!! Do you ever have shady randoms showing up at your doorstep at late hours asking for the hookup?

    Before Lee and I got married, he was living in a total bachelor pad with 2 friends and they found out from neighbors that the house they were renting had been a brothel twice in the past. One night, the doorbell rang and when Lee answered the door, there was a guy who had turned around and was walking to his car. He saw Lee and asked, "Um, do you guys still give...massages?" Lee ALMOST gave him directions to his roommate's room. Classic!

    I am so enthralled by this lego project! Sadly, I can't see the video (bad Meg is goofing off at work and we have filters) but I'm excited about your projects!

  2. We also found marijuana in the garage...under a paint bucket...go figure!

    OMG, a brothel? That's insane! Did he get more lost "clients" knocking on the door after that?

    The previous home owners were also running a business of their own. The business was legit (they had a valid business license), except for the part where they defrauding their clients! Those angry clients came straight to our house. Not fun.

    We are running into a few design flaws with our Lego project so the reveal may take a little longer than anticipated. I can't wait until it's all set and done!