Monday, January 4, 2010


It's a new year for new beginnings and new DIO (do it ourself) projects! I've already complied a list of new home renovation projects and goals I would like to complete throughout the course of this year; I've also added in a few little artsy doodads. 

Twenty-Ten Projects/Goals
  • Remodel guest and master bathrooms (we are going bananas here and renovating both lavatories simultaneously)
  • New tile flooring for kitchen and bath (might as well spruce up the kitchen to match the bath)
  • Make a recipe journal...and use it!
  • Makeover Oscar's bedroom (uf, there's a story behind this one and it's a doozy!)
  • The 1,060 Lego Piece Project (legos have been ordered and they are in commute to our mailbox. I just hope that our math and sketches are plausible)
  • Add recessed lighting in the kitchen and hallway
  • Add kitchen backsplash (time to get our handy-on)
  • Stain kitchen cabinets (though Chris would like to replace the existing doors. Apparently they are too country-ish)
  • Rejuvenate botanical life in the backyard 
  • Start a vegetable garden (or just a pumpkin patch. I kid you not, I've always wanted to grow my own)
  • Plant a pink Crate Myrtle tree in our front yard
  • Clean the 'man cave' room
  • Match all doorknobs (I don't have a single matching set in the whole house. Kind of embarrassing....)

Phew. I think this list should keep us occupied this whole year. Kind of a crazy list but I like to dream big. I'd be content if we're able to scratch at least 2 things off the above list.

Complete dressing up the Family Room is of course our number one priority- including replacing that offensive 70's wicker fan...I know it shouldn't be taking us this long to chuck the brass trash. Hi. My name is Dolores and I'm a procrastinator. 

I'm just glad our home went from looking like this:

To this:

Anyone else have a crazy twenty-ten projects/goals list?


  1. Good luck with Oscar's room! Are you going to keep the door lock-thingy? And how exciting for upcoming lego projects! You've got my seven year old self dreaming of those amazing green "grass" pieces! :)

  2. I just wrote about my (few) resolutions for this year today. I think that if I made a goal list my head might explode from all of the to-dos!

    Your house has really come a long way!! It looks great :).

  3. wow, very ambitious list :) Though if I think about it, my list of to-do's around the house is pretty extensive as well... I look forward to seeing your projects come together!

  4. @Rosemary: Haha, definitely not keeping the door lock. It's up for grabs if you're interested. ;)

    @Kasey: I know, the list is overwhelming but I hope it keeps me motivated and productive throughout the year.

    p.s. I just read your post and I love your Ten Party Project! I plan on hosting a few more parties too including a baby shower (for a friend).

    @Flavia: I hope you blog about your to-do's projects. I'd love to borrow some of your ideas!

  5. I have a few house goals for 2010 but not quite as many as you :) Good luck!

  6. That's quite a list, but good for you for writing it all down! I'm sure if I were to actually put it in writing, my list of projects for 2010 would get pretty lengthy, too. :)