Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Piece Of Cake

Oh my blog! The apple cake I baked for our NYE dinner party was delicious to the max! 

I was a bit nervous the cake would be too dry to swallow and contemplated making a simple sweet glaze to dress its top. 

Time was not on my side so I had Chris sift powdered sugar over the top; perfection!...except I forgot to take a snapshot the cake's finished state; you'll have to settle for the topless version. 

I also had a tiny dilemma on my hands; I forgot to plan for the tables center piece. It just totally slipped my mind. I raided all my cabinets like a game of scavenger hunt and for a second, I thought about snipping some flowers off my neighbors yard (which I didn't!).  In the end I came up with this little doodad.

Have I mentioned that Chris has this new obsession with using empty glass bottles as his regular drinking cups? He drinks everything from juice to milk out of a glass soda bottle; pepsi natural bottles to be exact. I snagged a couple of his less-used glasses and filled them up with branches of horsetail and water. I may just leave them up for the entire season.

Is it just me, or do some of the most creative projects develop in a spur of a moment crisis?


  1. Those are cool bottles.
    I'm not sure if I could be bothered filling a bottle whenever I wanted a drink (having to carefully pour through the narrow neck and everything) - but I like his style.

  2. I like your new centerpieces - very cool!

  3. What a fun idea with the glass bottles! It's amazing what one can come up with under pressure. :) And the cake looked awesome!

  4. Your cake looks great!! Good job. Your centerpiece is very "zen" I like your style.

  5. @MoonDoggie: He has his very own tiny funnel to help with his pouring; practically spill proof! ^_^

  6. Now that's impressive. He must be dedicated. If I find a funky enough bottle, I might take up the habit too :D