Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Treatment

It's been almost 4 weeks of family room lounging time and we've been exposed; literally. As you may recall, the room has a colossal window (95x48) smack dab in the middle and we have yet to tackle window treatments. We are pretty much every peeping tom's dream...not that we walk around naked or anything- that's Uncle Kitty's crime. 

At first we were all gun-ho with curtains; we even mounted the curtain rod after painting, but something just didn't look right. We dabbled with the possibilities on Google Sketchup rather than buying real curtains and shamelessly returning them back to the store all in a mess because those anorexic plastic packages magically shrink when the contents are set free.

We nixed the curtain option and decided to go back to our elementary school days of, wait for it, aluminum blinds. And yes, I'm speechless as well.

JCPenny was having a 70% off sale on all Bali blinds. We literally saved over $500 on our order for both windows (though I'm pretty sure they are never less than 50% off). Can I get a hallelujah! Better yet, guess what color we went with? The blinds should be delivered to our home any day now. I just hope our measurements are absolute; and if their not, I guess our neighbors will get another show of me in my snuggie. Yes, I got a Snuggie for Christmas! Speaking about this pop culture phenomenon, have you seen the Dreamie?? 


  1. orange? Green? I dunno, but I'm sure it will look great. I love what you did with the walls.
    Good luck with all those 2010 goals! It's a hefty list, but you guys can do it, if anyone can.

  2. Hallelujah! I love a good deal! And seriously...I cannot wait to see the aluminum blinds! And the color, no less! I am just loving this room. SO funky and fun!

  3. Where did you get the sofa????

  4. @Barbara: We found the sectional at one of our favorite mom and pop furniture store in Orange County, CA called Good Home Furniture. They have a website set up but it's nothing to write home about which is too bad because they have some amazing furniture at great prices.

  5. Love sketchup... so helpful in occassions like these!!! Good luck with the blinds!

  6. @Elie's Papel: Google sketchup is a dream come true! Not to mention its fantastic price, $0. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. OOO...the room looks great! What if you did stark white blinds?? Might be a neat contrast.