Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Master PEE

We are often asked, "What else are you doing to your home?" by friends and family, to which I declare, "We want to remodel the bathrooms." Yes both at the same time. 

Hearing that "s" at the end of the word "bathroom" takes some people by surprise; but to Chris and me it just makes sense to tackle both bathrooms at the same time... get it all over with. 

Bathrooms are a major mula renovation...but, we're going to have to do it eventually. Plus, maybe we can get it done a little cheaper while the economy is still in the toilet (pun intended).

Let me take you back to the July 2008 archives.

The picture doesn't do it justice...and mind you this is after a solid week of some sort of bleach cocktail and elbow grease attack, but our bathroom walls were covered in the silent killer; aka mold. The previous home owners never cracked open a window. NEVER. The entire house had the original (1953) casement windows and all but one of the crank handles were missing. Without a second thought, we replaced all the windows with energy efficient single and double hung windows courtesy of WinDor.

Ew cubed.

As you can see, I had already attempted to make the vanity "cute" by painting over the wooden mess with a blanket of snowy white paint.

To the far right you can see our cave like shower similar to the shower stall of Kasey's, over at Thrifty Little Blog before she expanded and beautified. 

Our next application of lipstick to the proverbial pig was removing the floating cabinet which was perviously above the toilet...though, it looked more like something that should be in the toilet. 

Did I mention this is our master bath? There is nothing master about it. The bathroom is in 100%* better shape than it was 18 months ago, but it needs more than a facelift; it needs a face transplant!

*ok...maybe 87%  ^_^


  1. So sorry about the mold. Ew squared indeed. But, on the bright side, I totally see the potential. I mean, in my mind, I've already visualized a Young House Love-esque space, humble ablog style.

    You and Young House Love are inspiring me to re-think our bathroom plan. I was trying to get by with just a paint makeover, but I'm so interested to see what you do. I've already started stalking Overstock for sinks and all that other good stuff.

    I can't wait for updates. Oh, and seriously. You really did make the restroom much better. I can definitely tell.

  2. Hey there!

    I think it might look really cool to do a vanity that wraps around under that window (kind of an L shape? Are ya followin me?) Leave the sink where it is (no plumbing, less cha ching) Then you could have more cabinet space and possibly a place to sit (if you need that) Can't tell by the pic if you would have room though.

    So what colors are you thinking? Can't wait to see the sketch. It will be wonderful, no doubt!

    **oh by the way, your feature is UP! 1st post from today on my blog. Check it out, invite your friends & family... (:

  3. You're making me nostalgic for my cave (not)... Seriously, this place has some major potential! You have that nice, bright window to start with (how I wish I had a window)!

  4. Meg you are so sweet! 'Young House Love' has some incredible makeovers and creative ideas (did you see their current bathroom project? That sink/vanity is to die for!)

    Kendall you hit the nail on the head! Originally the master bath did have that L shape vanity. I scoped out the inside of my neighbors homes when we first moved in to the neighborhood (ya know, the meet and greet) and I peeked in their baths (for inspiration, of course) and saw they had the L shaped vanity counters in the same master bath. I have no idea why the previous owners dismantled the original counter...it must have been a man who made that decision. I would like to recreate the L shape vanity but I'm afraid of the custom ordered costs. I guess we'll find out soon.

    Kasey your bathroom is gorgeous! Gives me great hope for mine!

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