Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Dark Horse in the Competition

Chris made a special trip out to Retro Office Inc. yesterday (his Sunday the calendar's Monday) hoping to nab one of their AWESOME flat-file-cabinets converted coffee table and take advantage of their 50% off everything sale (Monday was the last day of their promotion). We had planned to both jaunt over on Sunday BUT as luck would have it, they were closed.

We were a little apprehensive about the company after finding several poor reviews online written by unsatisfied customers. Most of the bad mouthing pertained to returns and unexpected minor dinks and dents on the merchandise. To our advantage, we are only a city away from the warehouse, therefore any potential returns would be as easy as pie. Also, it made sense to us that some of the items would have dents since these are not brand spanking new products. We definitely were in a good position.

Chris promised to call me while he was taking a tour of their warehouse and give me a play by play. He kept his promise and phoned me only to tell me, "d-lo, they have 3 laterals that would be perfect for a TV stand. Drive down here, now." I was speechless. I couldn't leave the office at that point in time, so I steered on to the trusty internet and found the items. I still wasn't too sure which product he was speaking of, but, he was zealous over them. "Get them. I trust you." came out of my mouth. I was anxious all afternoon and couldn't wait to get home and see the Vizio's new bff. I pull up the driveway and saw them in our vacant garage.

Contest over. Say hello to our little friends.

::Google Sketchup::

::yes, that's an xbox standing proudly::

Unfortunately, I was only able to capture the 3 (poorly lit) photos shown above, as my camera ran out of juice. Both ends are a matching baby blue; the middle cabinet is a darker kind of metallic blue (and our favorite). The colors are definitely good for now...but if we ever decide to change them...it won't be too big of a deal.

Next on our to-do list for the Family Room Project is deciding on paint colors. We are currently testing some samples...hopefully a paint party is in our future...and when I say future, I mean this weekend.


  1. They look great and they give you tons of storage!! One problem...now you have the TV on a bigger wall and you have a bigger wall unit... which means you might have a bigger TV in your future. If he campaigns for that, use the cute chandelier as a bargaining chip.

  2. Ah, we don't need a bigger TV!! The chandelier will definitely but a future purchase. Even if he doesn't want it for the dinning room, the kitchen nook is thee perfect spot, too! Plus, getting him to Ikea is like a miracle. ^_^