Monday, October 19, 2009

Frugal Friday (on Monday): Wall Decals

I kind of lagged last week with my somewhat daily postings. Apparently I'm suffering from chronic dry eye and my eyeballs can't withstand the computer screen for more than a few minutes, hence my brief disappearance. Since I failed to post my weekly 'Frugal Friday' post last week, I'm making up for it now. ^_^

Decal wall stickers have recently invaded many bare-naked walls; they are the perfect solution if Mr. Ropper won't let you paint. Applause to Esty seller Elly Nelly who has created a "buzz" with her playful decals. 

Certainly not your average Lisa Frank stickers.



Prices vary starting from $18 and up. Frankly, I wouldn't mind a sparkly unicorn decal... or face mask...Halloween is a coming. ^_^


  1. Ok, these decals are awesome, but I totally cracked up at your Lisa Frank sticker comment. There once was a day when I HAD Lisa Frank stickers on my walls. Granted, I was 10. :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. these are fun. i especially like the first one. never tried these before, but i just might...


    p.s. thanks for stopping by and your (very generous) comment!

  3. These decals are great. I just put up a large decal in my guest bedroom and it looks awesome.

  4. Really all Wall decals are fabulous and eye catching. Thanks for sharing such nice wall decals.