Monday, October 19, 2009

I Did It All For The Nookie

I'm back with a handful of eye-care medication. Sigh. I was a mad woman at Kaiser yesterday; trying to find a parking space THEN running through the new grounds trying to make it to my appointment. It felt like I was back in college, tailgating students walking to their cars then waiting a gazillion minutes for them to reverse out of their space (CSU Fullerton's parking sucks too). Although I do have to admit, I was kind of hoping I'd spot Octomom since we share the same medical facility. No luck. Come to think of it...we share the same alma mater; am I sensing a trend here? 

In other news, we finally painted a few walls in the family room over the weekend. We busted our butts on Sunday (after the Steeler game, of course) then indulged in a delicious homemade Mexican dinner. Since Sunday is our only day off together, it gets pretty difficult to get our home projects done. But as my silver fox Tim Gunn would say, "make it work."- it's my new motto for this overdue-year-long project. Before the birth of our little blog, I documented before and after pictures of any lil home improvement we completed. Let me take you back to the home archives.

Our kitchen has a super cute corner nook. The nook actually pops out and extends out of the exterior of the home; which gives us a nice wide seating area as a bonus.

The picture above doesn't quite sell you on the nook, huh? I took this photo during our final walk-thru before escrow closed. And this one:

Uf, I still don't know what we saw in this home. We looked at plenty of turn-key homes begging for ownership, but we settled on Pig-Pen's dream home; dirtsville galore! I swear a cloud of dust and dirt followed us throughout the walk-thru.

After the installment of all new double & single hung windows throughout the entire house ($$$), we decided to add a pop of paint to the interior of the nook. Since we were still on cloud 9 with Magnet Dapple, we decided to use it again. We taped up the edges of the nook, like normal, using some generic blue painters tape; whatever was on sale. Man oh man did we ever make a mistake! Here's a tip: always use 3M painter's tape. The junk that we used bled through like the levi's of a 6th grade girl becoming a woman. (Chris' words...not mine. I guess when I signed up for a husband, the dirty jokes came along with it). When we removed the "painter's tape" the nook looked worse than before; sketchy and rough. I cried and regretted the whole idea. ( full disclosure, Chris' dad works for 3M...though, not the "painter's tape division"...he makes post-its. j/k) 

Chris brilliantly decided to paint a 1 inch border along the outer edges, not only to hide the bleeding mess (damn you fake painter's tape), but also to define the space.

Now that's a nook! Finding window coverings to fit the length and width was a quest in itself. The solution; homemade curtains! Just like mom used to make ^_^. A quick trip to Calico Corners and the use of my best wedding gift ever- my hello kitty sewing machine, plus Chris' mom's handy help, delivered the finishing touches to a new and improved nook. 


  1. I'm gonna start calling you Nadya Suleman jr. But seriously...quit taking after her. I don't want to have to walk out on you and our 8 kids.

  2. Wow! I absolutely adore your nook! That's what she said?

    See, my husband came along with dirty jokes too...and it seems they've rubbed off on me. Really, though, that is such a great makeover!

  3. It looks great! I would have never thought to extend the color, but it's perfect :).

  4. Looks great, love the color! I gave up on using painter's tape a long time ago... if you have the right brush and a steady hand you don't need it :)

  5. This looks so great! I love the color you chose!

  6. I love your nook and the title of your post is priceless. I really like how you painted the insets blue. What a great color!