Friday, October 9, 2009

Frugal Fridays: Magnetter

Chris and I tend to be really good about not losing our keys. We are pretty OCD about everything and leave our keys in the same location; we thrive on order and repetition. Plus, since we are active 24hr fitness devotees, having our gym pass attached to the hip, I mean keys, kind of makes it impossible for them to be left unseen. 

I steered away from hanging up your typical 4-tier-country-styled mail sorter/key station in my kitchen; they look overwhelming and well,  just "beige." We currently nest our keys in a milk colored pedestal thingamajig, which we have named "Van Nuys" in reference to the super annoying 'Keyes, Keyes, Keyes. Keyes On Van Nuys' jingle (for all you non So Cal peeps, click here to listen). In any event, this handy dandy magnetic field below could solve anyone's key problems.

For only $14 you can have a hook-free modern key station PLUS mail holder. Just don't mistake them for salad severs. Kind of makes me want to dart my keys across the room to see if they'll stick. Hmm, this could be dangerous...

And since we're speaking about keys, what would you say about personalized key chains? For all you parents, here is a heart warming way to show your kiddies how awesome their art doodling can be.

::Chris' Rant::
This looks perfect...I can't wait to come home after a long day of work; kick off my shoes, grab a frosty beverage...and hang up the keys to my Doll house. 

Seriously this thing is great for those of us whose key arsenal consists of two masterlock keys...but for the rest of us prison wardens...this may not suffice


  1. I love the magnetic holder too! Very cool and nifty. And your refinished tanker desk is fabulous!! Great job!