Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wealthy Wednesday: Judy Ross Home Collection

It's your weekly dose of 'Wealthy' (seriously, Wednesday snuck up on me this week; hallelujah!). The rain clouds made a pleasant visit to So Cal and relieved me from watering our parched front lawn. The cold days endear our pillowy couch to me. Summer days, kind of a thumbs down on the couch.  I mean, who wants to nestle in a sea of pillows in 90 degree weather? Not so much. 

Since I have comfy cushions on my mind, I've hunted down some beauties for today's installment. Textile designer Judy Ross has created fetching embroidered pillows that can easily dress up any dingy piece of furniture.  

::Available at 2modern::

You may not necessarily want to spoon such a lovely piece of art, especially when the pillows are priced between $170 and $190...each. Gadzooks, these prices should carry a trio of bold exclamation points next to them!!!

But no one, I mean no one, can top the ultimate pillow in my book.

I owned a 'Rock-a-bye Baby' and Chris had 'Squeaky Door' way back in the 80's. Never went to bed without it!


  1. I love these pillows! In fact, my friend has similar pillows to the first design on her couch, but she got them from Pier 1 for a more reasonable price.

    Thanks for sharing these fun designs!

  2. Yikes...190 bucks?!?!?

    That's like, one sixth the price of the new Vizio SV472XVT due out this November...which features:

    - LED backlight with local dimming
    -240Hz processing
    - Bluetooth remote with full QWERTY keyboard
    - integrated 802.11(n) Wi-Fi
    - Support for Adobe Flash for the - Digital Home
    - Yahoo widgets engine
    - ...and more

    Let's see, what would I rather do; rest my head on a soft squared surface while I take a nap... or be a part of the quintessential high definition, videogame and blu-ray experience on a daily basis?


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Glad it brought me to yours. These pillows are so nice, but I don't think I could ever pay that much on pillows!

  4. I'd rather be a part of the quintessential HD-DVD experience.

    (What? What do you mean there's no HD-DVD?)

    I love the pillows!

  5. These pillows have inspired me...but I am way too cheap, I mean frugal, to spend that much for a pillow. Especially since there are 2 dogs and a cat that like to lay all over the couch. I'm ready to whip out my sewing machine, head over to Calico Corners and make some cute pillows for my boring uncomfortable couch.
    PS...I don't remember those pillows in the commercial.

  6. @meg: Your friends pillow are so similar to Judy Ross' design. Good eye! I love Pier 1 and World Market for fun (and affordable) home accents.

    @sevin: You've got your man band cave and our current Vizio is barely a toddler. I'm seriously reconsidering you having your own costco membership card.

    @Flavia: Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I love your estilo!

    @chris said: DVD's are sooo 2008.

    @Teri: Lets jaunt over to Calico Corners!

  7. Oh, I forgot all about these pillows! My sister had the same one and I had the sandman! Thanks for the reminder...

  8. @Angela: Weren't they the best? I almost fell out of my chair when I found the commercial.