Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wealthy Wednesday: Modo Luce "Atollo" series

I yearn for the day when our backyard is no longer declared condemned. I am way too embarrassed to take a single photograph of our death valley of a backyard. In our defense, the entire rear of the house was covered with weeds as high as 5 feet, dog feces, aluminium cans, a metal jungle gym that looked like a death trap and of course a neglected chow chow. The previous owners were certainly not "citizens of the day."

I know I'm wasting my time checking out the "outdoor furniture" section, but a girl can dream, right? I mean, how fabulous is this Atollo series by Modo Luce?

The illuminated Italian furniture is oh-so-chic. The technical aspects as far as its engineering is not explained, but I'm sure your bum will be nice and toasty after a delightful sit-down. I don't think these are available in the US, but you can certainly expect to pay a pretty penny.



  1. This furniture is awesome, I so know what you mean, for years I didn't have a backyard and I always surfed around looking at stuff. These are great!

  2. Hi Marcy! Thanks for stopping by again. Aren't these pieces a doozy? I love fun and unique furniture!

  3. Feel your pain on the backyard. Ours is the same way and it will be awhile before we can do anything with it. The weeds are currently taking over and becoming best friends with Ivy that won't die.

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