Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Room Part III: Behr Necessities

Last week, Chris and I perused the Behr paint swatches at the good ole' Home Depot. We've been pretty lucky with our paint choices in the past; we're not afraid to go bold. It all started with 'Magnet Dapple' back at Lowe's, the summer of 2008 when we closed escrow.

Luckily we didn't need to repaint every room in the house when we first moved in. The walls were just like new after dousing them with TSP. We were babes in beige-land...except for the fireplace wall.  It was a loud 'fire engine' red. We could tell the previous owners were trying to go for a trendy vibe. Mission failed. (I should note that I have seen nice red accent walls...this just wasn't one of them)

When we painted the sample square of Magnet Dapple on the wall, we could tell people were dumbfounded with the color; given they often gave a long pause before commenting on the it. We brushed off the raised eyebrow reaction and went all in. 


Other parts of house were also bitten by the dapple color...more on them on a later post.

Back to our recent swatch hunt for the family room. We were looking for a pale white/gray hue and a few all gray shades. We each nabbed a hand full and went home to compare.


We settled on sampling 3 colors. 

1: Subtle Touch 
2: Anonymous
3: Granite

When we propped open the first sample we thought Subtle Touch was too white. But after two coats of paint and some dry time, we finally saw the "subtle" gray in it. 

I'm hoping I can pry Chris away from his current PS3 love affair and convince him to another Home Depot trip this weekend. Wish me luck! 

Sorry for the boring post; I guess you might say it was a little like watching paint...never mind.

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  1. My wife and I just got the Magnet Dapple for our living room, and we love it! It goes great with our cream colored couch and beige carpet.