Friday, October 23, 2009

Frame! I Wanna Live Forever

This is the last of the Magnet Dapple paint series. I swear. One more brush stroke before its retirement.

The living room and dinning room are all rolled into one giant open layout. This set up is perfect for dinner parties and our bianual UFC fight night soirees. But we still needed to define each space in a segregated yet cohesive manner. 

At first Chris and I had decided not to add any new paint into the space; just throw up some curtains, a large bookcase, suitable sized dinning table and ding! dinner is served. 

Here is a naked snap shot of our dinning room pre-furnishings.

Doesn't it just scream newlyweds?

Talk about a huge space. For a few months our dinning room was a massive arena attended by a simple lil ikea table (which fit perfectly in our apartment btw). Money was tight for a bit. We wanted to furnish the area with well made hardy materials that would last (almost) a life time; we didn't mind paying a little more for quality.

We found both our 9ft long dinning table and bookcase at a small and cozy independently owned  furniture store. Talk about love at first sight. After a haggle or two with the owners, we received a small yet grateful discount on our bill for paying without plastic PLUS free delivery! Score. Haggling is not just for your flea market vendors anymore. Don't be afraid to bargain with the staff, especially when it's the end of the month and/or the week. After we paid in full and left,  I had my usual bad case of buyer's remorse. I was convinced the looong dinning table would look like a conference table in our space. It took Chris several hours to calm me down. 

Here we are all furnished. The room was still lacking visual oomph. (man our curtains are un-photogenic...I swear they don't look lavender in real life)

Several weeks later, we received a fabulous framed print made by The Shins Chutes to Narrow album artist, Jesse LeDoux for Christmas. We instantly knew we wanted to hang it between the two windows. Then the ah ha! moment commenced and magnet dapple made its mark, yet again.

Opps! I forgot to straighten the frame before I took the pic!  ^_^

And there you have it. The closing ceremony for the ever so popular Magnet Dapple.

::A Penny For Your Thoughts::

Have any of you become obsessed with a particular paint color in your home? Or are we just a couple of odd balls?  

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  1. this is a nice post...I've got to HAND it to you. get it? because, the big hand...and...

    yeah, I'm really glad you took minutes throughout this process. Ya know...because the conference table.

    Ok, but seriously...that light above the table is ugly. I would replace it with anything, save for a light that looks like a dandelion